Fresh Pod - Fresher flowers for longer

Published: 12 Mar 2014

As a fresh flower seller you will know that the number one challenge has always been, and always will be, delivering flowers to your customers at their highest level of quality and freshness.  
Independent research from both the University of California and QMS Agri Science has conclusively proven that the answer lies, not in harmful pesticides but in preventing the cause of produce aging - naturally occurring, ethylene gas. Ethylene hastens ripening, aging and spoilage.  
It is this problem that Fresh Pod solves. 
Fresh Pod works by controlling ethylene gas - given off as flowers ripen naturally. During the independent tests, Fresh Pod removed the ethylene gas from the environment, much more effectively than its competitors; ensuring cut flowers, bulbs and pot plants remain fresh for up to four times longer than normal. Fresh Pod also kills off air-born spores and bacteria, viruses, rots and moulds, ensuring the health of your plants.  
Types of fresh flowers give off different levels of ethylene and all have different levels of sensitivity. Combining flowers in arrangements, displaying them in a retail environment next to fresh fruit and vegetables or just placing a vase of flowers near a fruit bowl can speed up deterioration. 
Some of the effects of Ethylene on flowers include, 
• Buds and leaf drop 
• Yellowing of leaves 
• Loss of deep colouring 
• Flower or petal drop 
• Irregular bud opening 
• Premature death  
• Susceptibility to disease 
• Retarded plant growth  
It is estimated that upwards of 30% of flowers perish prematurely due to the harmful effects of Ethylene. 
Fresh Pod is available as a commercial solution for protecting flowers whilst on display. The pods come in several options ranging from sachets that can be put in with a flower arrangement to large filter units for use in your store. It also allows different flowers to be stored together whilst still effectively removing the ethylene gas. Tests proved Fresh Pod removes up to 98.9% of harmful ethylene gas and will reduce waste, improve the environment and ultimately save money.  
Fresh Pod has been extensively tested and approved by many worldwide organisations including the OMRI. It has been approved by the Soil Association in the UK. Fresh Pod is currently being used to protect fruit, vegetables and flowers in storage and also to transport fresh produce packed in New Covent Garden and shipped around the world.  
For more information on Fresh Pod (www.freshpod.co.uk) and how it can be used to protect the freshness of your flowers, please contact the team on 01603 702374, or email info@freshpod.co.uk.

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