Garrets on-board and reducing food waste - Globally.

Published: 1 Oct 2013

Continuing to provide meals containing fresh fruit and vegetables whilst at sea for months at a time has always been a problem, with some fresh produce likely to ripen and deteriorate within days of being stored on board ships.  
The reason fresh produce ripens so quickly and particularly in mixed store rooms is because of the Ethylene in the atmosphere which fresh produce give off naturally as they ripen.  
Garrets International a leading Marine Catering Management company is installing Fresh Pod filter boxes in kitchen storerooms aboard vessels, across the world.  
The US Navy has been using Fresh Pod technology for years in submarine kitchen stores where fresh fruit and vegetables are stored. This ensures servicemen have fresh stores on board and meals containing tastier, crisper and fresher ingredients, for the duration of their time at sea which has a positive effect on morale. 
Derrek Samms, MD of Garrets said "Ethylene is a real problem in cool stores where mixed produce is stored for any length of time. Our successful trials have proven that through the use of Fresh Pod, fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for up to four times longer. Ensuring employees onboard ships we serve have access to fresh produce throughout their time at sea.  
Many of our customers are enjoying savings through the reduction of waste through premature ripening, whilst contributing to a greener environment through the reduction of waste. Our business is not just about providing high quality goods we are always looking at opportunities, and increasingly looking at new technologies, which will benefit our customers".  
The Fresh Pod filter systems used in this situation are light and easy to hang from the ceiling. They last for 6-9 months and pay for themselves in reducing loses by protecting a store room over the period of time.  
Valerie Bullard, Fresh Pod said "We have been providing Fresh Pod protection to the consumer for a number of years in the UK. The time is now right to extend our range to assist with waste reduction and cost savings in the commercial world. We believe we have the most effective Ethylene control product on the market in terms of strength of product and value and we have a choice of storage solutions to work for shipping companies and vessels of all sizes".

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