Have Yourself a Very Merry Green Christmas and make sure 2010 is a waste free and money saving year!

Published: 12 Oct 2009

Every year it is estimated that we produce 3 million tonnes of waste over the Christmas period. Of that approximately £275 million is festive food, according to the government waste body - WRAP.  
Barely a quarter of waste, packaging and uneaten food is likely to be recycled, most of the food ends up in landfill sites where it produces methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas. Dr Liz Goodwin, WRAP Chief Executive says: "This is only part of the picture. You also have to consider all the embedded energy used to produce, package, transport and deliver the food to our homes which produces the equivalent of at least 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year." The cost of Christmas can't just be measured by the length your credit card bill in January. 
Fruit bowls brimming with exotic fresh produce and fridges crammed with fruit and vegetables to cater for extra guests, the majority of us cater for more than usual over the festive period. Often the additional purchases end up wasted as they become an unnecessary additional buy. Stephen Webb, of Waste Watch, said: "You only have to look at the number of black bags at the end of every street at the end of the holiday to see just how much waste is created at Christmas." An alternative to throwing away the excess is to pop a Fresh Pod in with the produce to extend their life by up to four times longer, taking them through to the New Year and beyond.  
Fresh Pod is a little green device that removes the ethylene gas given off naturally by fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers as they ripen. By safely and naturally removing the gas the ripening process slows, increasing the shelf life of fresh produce by up to four times longer than normal. Fresh Pod's help to reduce the amount of fresh produce wasted in the home, an average of £420 per year for every UK household.  
The pods make a great Christmas gift. Not only are they useful and will last a full year, much longer than many presents received, they will also save the recipient a considerable amount of money by reducing their food waste over the course of 2010.  
The true cost of waste is the adverse impact on the environment with research showing the amount of food waste we produce is a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases in the UK. Fresh Pod helps to combat this growing problem by reducing households' carbon footprint

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