Sainsbury's to scrap plastic bags

Published: 25 Sep 2019

Sainsbury's to scrap plastic bags in stores for fruit and veg - and now you have to pay 30p or bring your own. 
Sainsbury's is scrapping plastic bags in store for fresh food purchases from next week, meaning customers will need to bring their own or pay 30p for a reusable carrier. 
The supermarket will no longer provide plastic bags for loose fruit and vegetables from September 30. 
Shoppers will either need to bring in their own containers or buy a reusable drawstring bag for 30p. 
The supermarket is also scrapping plastic bags from the same date for bakery items, but here it will provide free paper bags for shoppers. 
Sainsbury's says it's not providing free paper bags for loose fruit and veg because it would increase the grocer's Co2 footprint. 
The change will apply in all convenience stores and about 500 supermarkets with more to follow. 
Sainsbury's has around 600 supermarkets in the UK and has pledged to reduce 50 per cent of its plastic use by 2025. 
In addition, the supermarket will no longer use plastic bags when delivering groceries to customers' homes from October 1. 
Items will instead be delivered in crates. 
Sainsbury's confirmed the price of deliveries will not change once the plastic bag ban begins. 
The supermarket has also confirmed a new trial to replace plastic sleeves on flowers with recyclable paper in 167 stores. 
Sainsbury's says the new initiative will remove 10tonnes of plastic from more than 1million bouquets. 
The trial started this week and will run for three months. 
A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: "We're serious about reducing plastic, as evidenced by the ambitious commitments we have made as a business this year. 
"The removal of plastic bags from online grocery deliveries is just another example of how we are working to achieve our wider goals." 
In terms of other UK supermarkets, Tesco and Iceland both trialled out packaging-free fresh produce earlier this year. 
Tesco and Asda have also ditched plastic bags from their online delivery service, at no extra cost to customers. 
While Morrisons has launched dozens of plastic-free fruit and veg areas in May.

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