Super Yachts, Super Fresh Supplies

Published: 19 Apr 2012

A major UK supplier of fresh produce to some of the world's most luxurious private yachts is using Fresh Pod sachets to protect fresh fruit and vegetables despatched from New Covent Garden near Heathrow to some of the most exotic places on the planet - the likes of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean. 
With some of the most reputable and demanding chefs creating daily menus aboard some of the biggest private yachts sailing in some of the most beautiful places in the world, the need to source the finest delicacies and first class produce is a crucial part of their remit. The UK is renowned for its consistency in providing the best and freshest ingredients and with this comes the challenge to deliver them in perfect conditions, whatever the length of their journey, to their final destination.  
All fruit and vegetables, as soon as they are cut, start to break down. Once harvested, fresh produce gives off ethylene naturally as they start to ripen and decompose. Whilst this is Mother Nature's way of reproducing it can lead to premature rotting and ultimately waste. This process is heightened when the fresh produce has to travel in a confine space for any length of time. 
Fresh Pod is a natural and 100% organic solution which absorbs ethylene and ultimately extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetables for up to four times longer than normal. By doing so fresh produce stays in a near perfect state for much longer and means those out to sea for periods of time can still enjoy their 5 a day at its fresh best. The technology behind Fresh Pod has been used commercially in places such as the USA for over 20 years. The US Navy uses Fresh Pod to protect fresh fruit and vegetables on their submarines for up to 3 months whilst at sea.  
The commercial aspect to Fresh Pod is new to the UK but already some of the major growers, importers and wholesalers are starting to see the benefits of extending the shelf life of fresh produce using Fresh Pod technology. The added benefit of it being a totally safe and natural product and recyclable also helps a business contribute to a greener environment. 
Valerie Bullard, Director of Fresh Pod, "Ethylene given off by fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, often ripening fresh produce before it has the chance to be used. You have heard of the expression 'one bad apple....' it is the acceleration of ethylene given off by a bad apple which upsets the rest of the cart. Fresh Pod can double the shelf life of fresh produce with benefits for both the commercial and consumer user in terms of saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Fresh Pod technology is new to the UK but it has been used commercial overseas for several decades. Being organic and natural it is suitable for use everywhere fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers are stored, transported or displayed. We are pleased to be working with Ian and his team to provide fresh produce to difficult to reach locations".  
Ian Jarvis, MD Superyacht Supplies "Delivering quality fresh produce across the world presents many challenges to our team. Our customers expect the best of everything we provide. Using fresh Pod not only ensure deliveries, including some of the more sensitive produce such as soft berries and leafy vegetables, arrive fresh it also reduces waste and has longer term benefits as chefs are encouraged to transfer the sachets from the boxed items to their fridges to continue protecting the content".

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