The cafe where the food really is rubbish: Restaurant which only uses waste food to create meals..

Published: 8 Apr 2014

A cafe that uses leftover food thrown out by restaurants and supermarkets to create meals has opened its doors. 
The Real Junkfood Project in Leeds, West Yorkshire, only serves meals created from food destined for landfill.  
Numerous restaurants, supermarkets and cafes in the city have now got behind the scheme and donate food on a daily basis after they were approached by project leaders. 
Volunteers collect the unwanted food and turn it into their own meals - which vary each day but normally include a meat and vegetarian option, sandwiches and sometimes a dessert. 
Unwanted food donated so far ranges from bread and broccoli to caviar, truffles, a kilo of smoked salmon, luxury cheeses, extravagant veg and spices. 
Customers at the radical restaurant, thought to be the first in the country, then pay what they want for the food. 
The cafe was founded by chef Adam Smith - who opened the cafe in December. 
Since then, he has been joined by five more directors plus an army of volunteers, with 50 signing up last week alone. 
The cafe is now open five days a week to serve breakfast and dinner. It has also started catering for outside events. 
Mr Smith believes by February this year his cafe could have saved a tonne of food from going to waste. 
One of the cafe's Directors Connor Walsh, 23, said: 'We get a real mix here from locals in the areas, who come in a spend the day here to students. 
'We are very busy and are probably doing between 15 to 30 meals a day. 
'The pay as you feel concept makes people think about what is offer and what they think it is worth. 
'We like to think if somebody has a little more money they might pay a little more. 
'But if a person did not have the means to pay we are not going to not serve them, if they are hungry we are going to give them food. 
'Sometimes if customers don't have money they will help out for a couple of hours, invest some of their time.' 
Connor said they are now operating a food bank from the premises as well. 
He added: 'We want to make use of all this food that is being needlessly wasted over society. 
'We want to provide healthy meals for people who are food insecure. Using food collected that basically gets sent to landfill.' 
Connor said he hoped to see similar cafes around the country and 'feed more people and raise awareness of food waste'. 
Co-director Edd Colbert, 23, is juggling the cafe with his degree in international development - specialising in the politics of food. 
He said 'pay as you feel' is a means of bridging the barrier between producers and consumers. 
He said: 'You have someone who pays 50p for a sandwich, sitting next to someone who pays £10 or someone who can't afford a bag of crisps in any other establishment and eats for free. 
'Waste of any kind - whether food or energy - is really an immoral situation to be in.' 
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