UK food industry accelerates journey to halving food waste by 2030

Published: 30 Sep 2019

UK food industry accelerates journey to halving food waste by 2030

More than half of UK food industry turnover have now committed to the Target, Measure and Act on food waste a year on from the launch of WRAP and IFG's Food Waste Reduction Roadmap. 
In total 156 food businesses have committed to reducing food waste, more than double the number that committed to the Roadmap at launch. 
These businesses are joined by a further 29 other organisations including major trade bodies, and redistribution organisations. 
121 of these food businesses have provided evidence to WRAP that they are already implementing the Target, Measure, Act strategy in an effort to reduce food waste. These include all of the UK's largest grocery retailers, and over 100 other large food businesses. 
This represents tremendous progress towards the ambitious aim to have fifty per cent of the UK's largest 250 food businesses measuring, reporting and acting on food waste by September 2019. 
Together these 121 businesses have a combined turnover of over almost £220 billion, representing 50% of the overall turnover for UK food manufacture, retail and hospitality and food service. 
They also generate around 1.1 million tonnes of food waste in their own operations, a third of the total UK post-farm gate supply chain food waste. 
"Businesses that are implementing Target, Measure, Act are already reaping the benefits, and those publicly reporting comparable data show an average 7% reduction, and a combined saving of around 53,000 tonnes of food valued at over £85 million," said WRAP CEO Marcus Gover. 
"Working together with Courtauld 2025, the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap is putting the UK on a path to achieving Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3. 
"But there is much more to do, and our ambition is to have all major food businesses implementing Target, Measure Act by the end of 2026." 
All large grocery retailers have committed to the Roadmap and are implementing Target, Measure, Act. The 15 businesses have a collective turnover of more than £160 billion, representing almost 80% of the grocery retail and wholesale sector. 
Retailers are increasingly publishing their own food surplus and waste data, although more needs to be done to ensure it is reported in a consistent manner, and fully compliant with the Roadmap guidelines. 
The number of food producers and manufacturers committing to the Roadmap has doubled since launch, to 117. Collectively they represent around 45% of the entire sector by turnover and cover all of the major categories of food, and the different nations of the UK. 
Around 80% of these producers and manufacturers provided evidence that they are implementing Target, Measure, Act, representing a third of the entire sector. 
Almost 40 have publicly reported food surplus and food waste, the majority as part of the initiative announced by Champions 12.3 chair and Tesco CEO Dave Lewis. 
The number of hospitality and food service sector businesses committing to the Roadmap has also doubled since launch to 24, representing around 20% of the entire sector by turnover. 
They include some of the UK's largest restaurant chains, food outlets, hotel groups, contract caterers and food service providers. More than half of these have provided evidence that they are implementing Target, Measure, Act.

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