Fresh Pod caters for both commercial and domestic use

Fresh Pod extends the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times. Natural, safe, 100% recyclable and approved for organics. From a domestic fridge to commercial storage, Fresh Pod will neutralise ethylene, airborne fungal spores and bacterial rots. Reducing waste extends the household budget, as well as the sales window and profits of commercial producers.

Domestic Use

For the family fridge

  • A 12 month supply is only £14.50
  • Extends storage life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer
  • A completely natural and non-toxic product which is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Works as a fantastic fertiliser for your house plants after use
  • Free P&P and only £9.50 for refills thereafter

Commercial Use

For the commercial user

  • Removes ethylene, fungal spores and airborne bacteria
  • Extended storage time = extended sales window
  • Extended sales window = opportunites for better margin
  • Sachets for transport boxes and versatile filters for small and large stores
  • Approved for organics