Extending freshness in your stored or transported produce can improve profitability Fresh Pod removes 98% of Ethylene Gas from the environment keeping fruit, vegetables and flora fresher for up to four times longer


Air, sea and road freighted produce benefit from Fresh Pod ethylene filtration

Warehouse Storage

Ethylene usually peaks in an ambient environment Fresh Pod will neutralise it

Retail Storage

Fresh Pod has a variety of ethylene filters for every situation

Improved Floral Life

Cut flowers will have an extended shelf life using Fresh Pod

Cold Storage Filtration

Lowering temperatures reduces respiration and Fresh Pod neutralises ethylene

Growing and Distribution

Extended sales windows and reduced losses improve margins

Reduced waste = increased profitability + reduced carbon footprint

At Fresh Pod we recognise that environmental credentials which improve profitability become sustainable and our ethylene filtration systems do just that by maintaining freshness and quality for longer.

As well as ethylene gas our filters also neutralise air-borne fungal spores and bacteria keeping fruit, vegetables and flowers in saleable condition for longer.

From the smallest shipping container to the largest commercial store Fresh Pod has simple, versatile and economic answers to extending shelf life.