The natural way to enjoy fresher and tastier fruit and vegetables for longer Fresh Pod is a revolutionary product that can extend the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer. Natural, safe and 100% recyclable, it's the perfect fridge companion

Fresher for up to 4x longer

As tested and approved by trading standards

Saves money

£496 per average household according to WRAP

Completely Safe

Fresh Pod absorbs ethylene without unnatural intervention

12 Month Supply for £14.50

Includes P&P and £9.50 refills thereafter

Approved for organics

Fresh Pod neutralises ethylene, airborne fungal spores and bacteria

Environmentally Friendly

Our founding ethos to reduce waste naturally with a 100% recyclable product

Only £14.50 including free delivery for a 12 month supply

At the low cost of £14.50 a 12-month kit will pay for itself over and over again by extending shelf life of fruit and vegetables for up to four times longer. Fresh Pod is in 1000s of households and after 10 years of saving money for those families its track record is well proven as a natural and safe choice.

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