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  • @freshpoduk
    31 Jul 21 2 days ago

    Avocados are great, but they like to go off quickly and quietly. Fresh Pod will keep your fruit looking greener (an… https://t.co/CSF4y3Auzk

  • @freshpoduk
    30 Jul 21 3 days ago

    RT @LocalFlavours20: Not long now until we are finally back at the Norfolk Showground Arena celebrating this years Local Flavours! We can…

  • @freshpoduk
    29 Jul 21 4 days ago

    You can still get 10% off your order at https://t.co/ayUE9nR7rx using code "SALAD" at checkout on 12-month kits or… https://t.co/km1wjeWUHg

  • @freshpoduk
    29 Jul 21 4 days ago

    RT @valerieb: We are hiring....... https://t.co/xTyeFoHk8a

  • @freshpoduk
    25 Jul 21 1 week ago

    This salad week be sure to grab yourself a Fresh Pod for 10% off your basket using code "SALAD" at checkout. Keep y… https://t.co/GfuMlbJhzq

  • @freshpoduk
    23 Jul 21 1 week ago

    Love to see the Sun Newspaper highlighting food waste in it's website of the week section. Go check it out, we're i… https://t.co/CECzj3i0fP

  • @freshpoduk
    22 Jul 21 1 week ago

    When it's too hot to cook, why not make a salad instead? You can make all of your salad ingredients stay fresher (a… https://t.co/Nf8gO1rVBt

  • @freshpoduk
    15 Jul 21 2 weeks ago

    It'd be a nightmare keeping all that fruit fresh, apart from when using a Fresh Pod of course.👀👇 🍊🍋… https://t.co/7xbxru44pj

  • @freshpoduk
    30 Jun 21 1 month ago

    It's a great time to indulge in eating some sweet summer fruits, but you can make your punnets and pennies stretch… https://t.co/jyFvdf0Njt

  • @freshpoduk
    13 Jun 21 1 month ago

    Great to see the #mailonsunday @MailOnline rolling their sleeves up to help tackle #foodwaste in the home #lovefoodhatewaste