Flowers as fresh as ever this Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

Published: 7 Feb 2017

Flowers as fresh as ever this Valentine's Day and Mother's Day

Shops and warehouses are currently packed to the brim with fresh flowers, it must be coming up to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter - the busiest time of year for the flora industry. 
With an increase in stock to cope with demand, storage and preservation of flowers can be challenging - no matter what size of space is being used. A considerable increase in Ethylene, airborne bacteria, spores, moulds and rots in the transport and storage area environments can play havoc with maintaining shelf life during storage, preparation and final delivery to customers. 
How we can help 
Fresh Pod has been working the commercial flora industry for many years, providing solutions for all circumstances and all year round protection. 
A simple and effective product, it removes: 
- Ethylene 
- Airborne bacteria 
- Spores 
- Moulds 
- Rots 
from transport and storage area environments - preventing foliage and flowers from being spoiled, therefore extending their shelf life - particularly useful when mixing blooms in storage and in arrangements. 
We have a range of products that provide effective solutions to keeping your bouquets beautiful, fragrant and fresh for longer - from when the flowers are picked through to delivery to the end user and beyond. 
Our products 
We can offer 5, 9 and 28 gram sachets that can be placed in boxes to remove Ethylene when flowers are being stored and transported. 
We also provide box filters and machines that can be placed in store rooms to protect a whole room, keeping flowers in the best condition possible. 
What our customers say 
"We now use the Ethylene absorbing sachets in all boxes of flowers that we ship out. The results on Cymbidium, Ranunculus, Peonies, Phalaenopsis and some varieties of Daffodils have been fantastic.  
We highly trust Fresh Pod as the results have been so positive for us - a must when transporting flowers to keep them at their best." 
Get in touch with us to see how we can help you today - call us on +44 (0)1603 702374 or email us info@freshpod.co.uk

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