Fresh Pod Commercial Sachets - Removing Ethylene, Bacteria and Mould from your post-Harvest Produce

Published: 3 Feb 2012

Not only does Fresh Pod keep your fruit and vegetable produce, crisp and fresh for longer, scientists have now proved that it also eliminates bacteria, mould and other fungi from your storage areas.  
A recent study by QMS Agri Science in South Africa, demonstrated that Fresh Pod Commercial Sachets not only removed 98% of airborne ethylene it also had similar effects on bacteria and mould levels. Fresh Pod Commercial Sachets were proven effective at eliminating; viruses, sour rot, blue mould, brown rot, fungi and air-borne bacteria, including 'Rhizopus', a serious post-harvest pathogen which can decimate tomato crops as they are held in cold storage, and the hardier still, 'Penicillium'. 
Ethylene is nature's ripening agent. Released by produce after it is harvested, Ethylene naturally causes fruit to ripen and decay, whilst making vegetables and flowers wilt. Without the complementary presence of a Fresh Pod, the results of Ethylene are familiar to us all, and range from scalding and a loss of crunch in apples, through to sleepiness in carnations and Russet sprouting in leafy vegetables. 
Ethylene control systems are available in many forms, but the recent studies by QMS Agri Science in South Africa have proven that Fresh Pod's ethylene control system out performs other products including Ozone generators whilst being considerably cheaper and friendlier to the environment. 
There is no 'safe' level of Ethylene around post-harvest produce and on average between 25-46% of post-harvest life is lost, if Ethylene is not effectively removed and managed. The unique pellets within Fresh Pod have been used for over 30 years to remove airborne contaminants in sewage treatment plants, oil refineries, airports and other industrial facilities. It is a proven technology. 
It is therefore clear that removing ethylene from cold storage areas, which Fresh Pod's natural digestion process has been independently proven to do better than any alternative, provides manufacturers with quality produce, while reducing shrink and increasing profits.

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