Have yourself a Merry Very Fresh and Waste Free Christmas!

Published: 22 Nov 2020

Have yourself a Merry Very Fresh and Waste Free Christmas!

Christmas is the time of year when fruit bowls will be brimming, with exotic fresh produce, fridges crammed with seasonal fruit and vegetables, vases glittering around the house filled with beautiful smelling bouquets of flowers. 
Many of us cater for more than usual over the festive period and often the additional fruit and vegetables purchased end up wasted, as they become an unnecessary additional buy and have gone off before having time to eat them. You only need to look at the number of bins crammed with food waste and black bags at the end of every street to see just how much waste is created at Christmas time.  
Fresh Pod extends the life of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for up to 4 times longer, 100% safe and natural, and works by removing ethylene gas which all fruit and vegetables give off to ripen, it also removes airborne bacteria, spores and moulds which lurk in our fridges. This exceptional little pod not only helps reduce the amount of food households waste over the Christmas period, but it will also help save money.  
A 12-month kit costs £14.00 including P&P and will pay for itself day after day by extending the shelf life of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Fresh Pod is in 1000s of households and after 10 years of saving money for those families, its track record is well proven as a natural and safe choice. 
This Christmas Fresh Pod is the perfect stocking filler or even as a general gift for friends, family, or colleagues. An unusual but useful and exciting gift. Not only are they useful and will last a full year, much longer than many other presents received they will also save the recipient a considerable amount of money by reducing their food waste over the course of 2021 and beyond. 
How Fresh Pod works: 
Ethylene gas is given off naturally from fruit, vegetables, and flowers as they mature which means that fruit and vegetables will have a reduced shelf life. Increased wastages add pressure to household budgets. 
Fresh Pod utilises organically approved ethylene absorbing zeolite pellets. A reaction oxidises ethylene gas converting the filter material to manganese dioxide which is an excellent plant fertiliser also approved for organics. Fresh Pod eliminates 98.9% of ethylene gas in a safe and non-toxic way. 
By controlling the levels of ethylene gas in your fridge, fruit bowl or vase of flowers this will extend the shelf life for up to four times longer all of which has financial benefits. 
How do I use Fresh Pod? 
One individual Fresh Pod sachet is about the size of a teabag and when placed in its pod in the fridge or fruit bowl it will ensure that the content stays fresher for longer. Various sizes and packs can be purchased depending on the needs.  
When the time comes for the sachet to be changed, usually around six months, the contents make a fantastic fertiliser that can be used to feed house plants.

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